Lapochkin about the referees: “They should receive like football players on average. ######## in the press, you train every day, the standards are the same, but the money is incomparable, it’s wrong” – Football

Sergei Lapochkin believes that referees should receive the same salary as the players.

– If now the referee judges 4-5 matches a month in the RPL, does his strap fall?

If five, yes. The RFU also makes bonuses – they are not disclosed. Some of the best for good work at the end of the season could receive several million.

– Do you think judges earn adequately?

– No. Of course, it is completely inadequate.

At one time, one of our big arbitrators had an offer. There are 18 players in the application in RPL clubs from Amkar to Zenit – count and divide by the number. The average salary of a football player – the referee should receive the same amount.

You also train every day, you must perform the same volumes – the referee runs 10 kilometers per match. You have to keep yourself in shape. They also weigh you, pinch the fat layer. Everything is professional. You pass the standards many times a year. You ######## [критикуют] in press. Everything is the same, but your salary is absolutely incomparable with the players. This is probably not entirely correct.

– Then you need advertising contracts.

– I heard that it is possible to somehow agree there, but it is very difficult.

– How did you pay in the Champions League?

– A lot more. Serezha Karasev knows better – about 6-8 thousand euros. And there are such matches – “Bavaria”, “Barcelona”, “Real”. Nice. Top referees had many matches with European ones. Now it’s gotten a little worse. I really hope that these matches will return soon, at least for the referees, – said the former referee.