Claudia Osborne reveals the name of her second daughter

Claudia Osborne, daughter of Bertin Osborne, she will be a mother next year of her second baby after being the mother of her first daughter, Micaela, last summer with her partner, José Entrecanales. A news that comes to the family with great happiness, since she will not be the only baby. Let’s remember that her father is expecting a child with the physical therapist Gabriela Guillén, so these two babies will be the same age. The singer already has seven grandchildren (Joaquín, Fausto and Valentina, from Alejandra; Juan, Sandra and Tristán, from Eugenia; and little Micaela, from Claudia), and this will be his eighth. At the moment it is not known how the Andalusian’s reaction has been when he found out that he is going to be a grandfather and a father at the same time, but I am sure that he is very happy.

The future mother has shared a video on her social networks in which shows how her tummy is growing. “These last few months have been truly happy to learn that we are pregnant with our second daughter, Violeta,” wrote the coach, announcing that she is expecting a little sister for her first daughter.

We imagine that in a few months we will see Gabriela Guillén showing off her tummy too. These two babies would be between them uncle and niece, although the sex of Bertín Osborne’s son is not yet known exactly. “He is very well, is on vacation Claudia is very little, you have to ask her. She is fine, she is very happy,” said Claudia Osborne’s husband, José Entrecanales, about the good news with a face of absolute happiness.

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