Collectors began to actively send anonymous threats to debtors.

Collectors began to actively send anonymous threats to debtors.

After the adoption in Russia of the law on the imprisonment of collectors for up to 10 years for illegal activities, collectors switched to mass anonymous ways of doing work.

According to Roskachestvo, collectors are now creating fake accounts on social networks, using fake numbers and anonymous services through which they send threatening and insulting SMS. Thus, the new methods of persecuting debtors are not selective, but massive. In the messages, the collectors do not specify the credits, but they can insultingly recall the debts in general.

Department experts warned that in this case it would be very difficult to bring them to justice. The fact is that technically the threats come from anonymous online and not from a collection agency. And the debtor does not know from whom exactly he receives messages.

At the same time, Igor Pozdnyakov, deputy head of the Roskachestvo consumer protection department, reminded that by law collectors have the right to write and call debtors in a strictly allotted time and no more than a certain number of times. Therefore, he recommends ignoring threatening calls and messages and making social media accounts private.

Vera Sergeeva.