Expert Litovkin: Americans are provoking Russian troops in Syria | In the world | Politics

The United States is sending troops to northern Syria: 2.5 thousand soldiers and equipment, writes the Turkish newspaper YeniŞafak. Washington explains it as a “threat from Russia and Iran,” but in reality, according to the publication, to protect militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

According to another version, in this way the United States is chasing two birds with one stone: in parallel with the protection of the Kurdish rebels, they are preparing unrest in Iran. With such a development of events, Iraqi Kurdistan, which borders on Iran, should become the basis for new unrest in the Islamic Republic, which is being prepared by Western intelligence services. During the unrest in this country in 2022, the UK tried to supply Iranian rebels with weapons through the Kurds.

“The United States is patronizing the Kurds, who own the oil fields in northern Syria. The Americans steal this oil together with the Kurds and get rich. That’s why they send their troops there – to protect these oil fields, ”explains military analyst, retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin.

The expert recalled that the United States is in Syria illegally: no one called them there. The Americans seized the oil region under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State *, which they themselves created. Now the US is intriguing with the Kurds: sometimes they protect them, then stop protecting them when they don’t need to quarrel with the Turks.

“We have an agreement with the Americans on dividing zones of influence in Syria along the Euphrates River. They are in the east, we are in the west,” says Litovkin. – At the same time, the Americans are constantly provoking our troops, “pulling the tiger by the mustache.” American planes and drones fly in our area. We fly planes, land drones . Russia still has no political means to influence American troops in Syria. We can only signify our presence there. We will not shoot Americans.”

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov has previously stressed that the presence of the US military in Syria, which has actually occupied some of its areas under the pretext of fighting terrorism, is against international law.

* The organization is recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation.