Girl survived the attack on the Crimean bridge announced the death of her parents | Accidents

A 14-year-old girl who survived on the Crimean bridge was informed of the death of her parents. The website writes about this.

It should be noted that Natalya Kulik’s sister, who died in the terrorist attack, is planning to adopt a child. In a conversation with the publication, the woman claimed that she was now in Kerch, she was drawing up documents for her funeral.

She also added that her granddaughter’s condition is still serious, no one can see her.

“We will definitely adopt it. But now her health is the main thing, ”the interlocutor of the website emphasized.

Recall that the attack on the Crimean bridge became known in the early morning of July 17th. As a result of the accident, a man and a woman from the Belgorod region died, their daughter was injured, she was hospitalized.

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