The message from Jorge Pérez’s wife to Cristina Porta for her behavior in ‘Vaya vacaciones’

‘What a vacation!’ announced that Jorge Pérez and Cristina Porta would be a couple of contestants and since that news we have wondered How would this participation sit with the wife of the former civil guard? Since the slip with Alba Carrillo happened, Cristina Porta became Jorge Pérez’s spokesperson when he was out of the media spotlight. The collaborator has always boasted of a good friendship with the former civil guard and in the contest she has continued to show that they are both very fond of each other. What do you think of this friendship Alicia Peña?

If they already had a strong friendship, the contest recordings have brought them closer together and the sports journalist He dedicated a very affectionate publication to his partner. “My friend, my team,” wrote Cristina Porta on the Instagram photo. The photograph has received a lot of ‘I like you’, including that of the woman and mother of her children, by Jorge Pérez.

“Having Jorge close is great luck, a big kiss, beautiful. We are from pink power (referring to the pink team that Jorge and Cristina have been a part of]!” Alicia Peña commented, making it clear that she gets along wonderfully with the one who was a collaborator of ‘Save me’ and who fully supports and encourages her friendship with her husband. “It has been precious sharing this experience with you! Laughter, crying, and emotion, and our mental photograph of the Cascada del Limón! What more could you want? And what remains to be seen of the program… I love you!” were the words of the former civil guard in the aforementioned photo.

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