Backend Golang Developer job – More than – Blogs is not just a sports news site. This is a technological platform with tens of thousands of RPS, millions of MAUs, a billion mobile pushes per day, its own recommender system and machine learning to detect conflict situations in comments.


Now we are looking for an experienced Golang developer to join the main backend product team, which is responsible for everything related to editorial and user content on the site: news, blog posts, comments, pictures, ratings. This is perhaps the most important thing that makes our site a top sports media, which means it is a special challenge for developers – even under peak load conditions (40k RPS), we must ensure the uninterrupted operation of all services.

We use the latest versions of Golang, in the choice of libraries we are limited only by common sense. The team has PHP and Perl expertise to support older projects. We run the code in Docker containers running Kubernetes, store it in Gitlab, where all the CI / CD automation is configured. We store data in PostgreSQL and MySQL, we actively use MongoDb and Redis. We transfer data between services via gRPC or asynchronously using RabbitMQ. The external API is built on GraphQL. We insure ourselves against stupid mistakes with linters and autotests in all services, for reliable acceptance we involve colleagues from the QA team. We monitor performance, catch errors and read logs in ELK, Grafana and Sentry. To automate processes, we develop internal tools with the help of neighboring teams of platform development and devops. With us you will:

  • Design microservice architecture and develop product features in Golang.
  • Optimize the performance of services at different stages of request processing, work with network interactions and queries in the database.
  • Set up integration with external services of data providers.
  • Reduce technical debt and maintain existing Golang code.


  • At least 2 years of commercial development experience in Golang. It’s cool if, in addition to this, you have experience working with other languages, at least at the level of understanding someone else’s code.
  • Good knowledge of SQL: you not only distinguish between INNER JOIN and LEFT OUTER JOIN, but also know how to read EXPLAIN results. Ability to design a database for work in conditions of high loads.
  • Experience with gRPC and/or GraphQL. It’s great if you’ve dealt with highly loaded systems.
  • It will also be a plus if you had experience with microservices or have a desire to develop in this direction.


Comfort and care:

  • We do not micro-manage and control hours worked, because we trust our people. Therefore we have flexible start and end of the working daywhich you can define yourself.
  • Convenient format of work. You can work completely remotely, while there is an opportunity to visit our cozy office in the center of Moscow if you wish.
  • VHI with dentistry we issue from the first working day. Employees who visit the office are compensated fitness and English courses.
  • If you need a vacation, we will always provide it to you. As well as sick leave, which in most cases does not entail a loss in money.
  • As a nice bonus, we have employee loyalty program with hundreds of different discounts.

Training and development assistance:

  • We have a very sensitive management that really invests in its employees. More than half of them grew up within the company, and this is significant for us.
  • We value feedback, so we do not neglect practices that help us become better: one-to-one, performance review.
  • For teams regularly buy access to popular conferencesso that our guys are always in trend.
  • We also do not forget about classical types of education, so we have provided compensation for specialized courses.

Not just colleagues, but a community:

  • We are comfortable not only working together, so we have formed various communities of interest: a football team, a FIFA club, a cinema club. We love board games, we practice random-coffee and just call up in the middle of the week to chat with colleagues on abstract topics.
  • In general, adequate and in a good way “simple” people work for us. Without pathos, snobbery and show-off. Without stuffiness and toxicity.


We are not lovers of formalities and delays in processes, we approach hiring in the same way:

  • A short HR interview for 20 minutes, where we will tell you a little more about us, and you about yourself.
  • Technical interview with the team leader for a maximum of 1.5 hours, where we will not burden you with abstract tasks.
  • And the final interview with CTO and HR, where we finally make sure that we are suitable for each other.

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