Íñigo Onieva’s promise to Isabel Preysler before marrying Tamara Falcó

Before Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva walked down the aisle, the businessman apparently decided to write a letter to Isabel Presyler. Would he be asking for her daughter’s hand in the traditional way? Everything indicates that he wanted to have these details with the queen of hearts for hurting her daughter so much. The young man knew of the pain that his infidelity had caused in the whole family and the least he could do was apologize, so he decided to write a letter to his wife’s mother.

Sandra Aladro recounted in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ all the details of the content of the letter that Íñigo Onieva wrote to Isabel Preysler to obtain the family’s forgiveness. It has always been commented that Tamara Falcó’s mother, ever since she found out about Íñigo’s deception, don’t trust much but he will always be by his children’s side so that they are happy. In this quite long letter, Íñigo has been completely honest with his mother-in-law to win back his total trust.

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“Throughout this letter he makes a promise, He comes to tell Isabel Preysler that he is going to dedicate the rest of his life to making Tamara Falcó happy”, commented the journalist. “It is the message that he wants to convey with this letter, on the one hand forgiveness and on the other to show that dedication in achieving Tamara’s happiness. They are the general lines of that letter that is extensive.”

It seems that the relationship between Isabel Preysler and Íñigo Onieva is somewhat difficult. According to several sources present at the wedding of the Marchioness and the businessman, Isabel Preysler was very upset with Íñigo Onieva. “I was very uncomfortable. There was a speech from Íñigo’s witness friends and she showed that they had just had a great time”. This moment was very difficult for Isabel. “They were very happy. Íñigo called her Isa, she begins to feel uncomfortable and sees that if the situation is not controlled, it could get out of hand.”


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