Olympic champion Vasilyev said Isinbayeva did not deserve persecution | Person | Sport

Two-time Olympic winner, pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva doesn’t deserve to be bullied after claiming her military rank. This opinion was expressed by two-time Olympic champion Dmitry Vasilyev in a comment to RIA Novosti Sport.

The day before, the athlete, who has the rank of major, said that he would work at the IOC from the beginning of autumn. According to her, the military rank received while playing for CSKA is nominal.

According to Vasiliev, Isinbayeva, as a girl, could not realize the seriousness of the military rank received. She asked for a quiet conversation with the jumper, to explain the true state of affairs.

Earlier it was reported that the Dagestan authorities want to rename the Makhachkala stadium, which was named after Isinbayeva six years ago.

According to media reports, Isinbayeva now lives on the island of Tenerife. She, the athlete herself, wrote on the social network that she was a “man of the world”.