The match “Spartak” – “Neftchi” was interrupted due to the use of red and white pyrotechnics by the fans. OMON blocked part of the exits from the stadium – Football

These are some really unique people, by God. We decided to do shit, just why not, and then oh: a fan is not a criminal, they don’t go home with a passport. Friendly match. Well, on###I, and most importantly why? Did you win the Champions League? Put a fireball in yourself and blow it up. Well, such is the situation, everyone is against fanid. Well, behave like fluffy ones, show that you are security itself. No, you YOURSELF give the grandfathers a picture

that they did everything right, not to let such people into the stadium. Grandfathers will now also tighten the rules for registration thanks to such unique ones, and formally they will even be right. Well, there is nothing beautiful in fireworks, no. Well, it also works according to the old scheme: someone brought it to the stadium in advance, everyone who needed to know everything, and then any club was like this: who did it? (in the voice of the concierge) The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position ..)