Galchenyuk apologized to the police: “My actions after drinking alcohol did not reflect who I am. I will work to earn your forgiveness” – Ice Hockey

Alex Galchenyuk apologized to the police.

The hockey player apologized to the police for his “deeply disrespectful and despicable behavior.”

The player with whom Arizona terminated the agreement, detained on a variety of charges, including accident on private property and running away from the scene, disorderly conduct, insubordination, resisting arrest, threats and intimidation.

Alex Galchenyuk addressed four Scottsdale police officers in a letter sent through the prosecutor.

In it, Galchenyuk said that the police officers “did not deserve such an outburst of anger,” and he “regrets the pain that she caused.”

“My actions after drinking alcohol did not reflect who I am.

But I have to take responsibility and I hope that one day I can show you that as a person I am a better person than the one you ran into last week.

What you are all doing, risking your life to protect and serve others, is nothing less than selflessness and heroism.

I appreciate and respect each of you and want you to know that I will work on myself every day with the goal of one day being able to make amends and try to earn your forgiveness, ”the hockey player’s letter says.

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