The Russian army breaks through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – World Today News

The Russian army breaks through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The most encouraging news comes from the Kupyansk Front.

Russian fighters repulsed all counterattacks in the Liman Pervy – Sinkovka – Masyutovka area and advanced one and a half kilometers, driving the enemy out of the fortresses. Military equipment and infantry positions are destroyed by “Suns”.

Near Donetsk, our armored group suddenly broke through the enemy defenses near the Trudovskaya mine, a complex of buildings near the mine was captured. Russian soldiers fought their way for a kilometer in the direction of Krasnogorovka, from where Donetsk is bombarded. He managed to undermine the ammunition depot. It is reported from the battlefield that the enemy is resisting fiercely, firing carts of shells.

Meanwhile, the West is closely monitoring the movement of Wagner’s units. After all, for almost six months he successfully fought at Artemovsk with the main forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, disrupting the spring offensive. Western intelligence reports that the fifth column of Wagnerians has already arrived in Belarus. These are trucks, fuel trucks, various buses, only heavy military equipment is missing, which for some reason was forced to surrender. In Poland they talk about the concentration of the Wagner group of 8,000 members in Belarus.

And the population of kyiv is terrified by the city council’s ban on listening to or singing Russian songs. kyiv people should be careful not to inadvertently whistle something from a past life.

Nikolai Ivanov