All the details, that you still do not know, about Bertín Osborne, Gabriela Guillén and the son they will have in common

The future paternity of Bertín Osborne, at 69, together with the masseuse Gabriela Guillén -who is not his partner- has become the most talked about topic of the moment. A new paternity that will arrive a few weeks before the singer becomes a grandfather again: his daughter Claudia is pregnant with his second child. In the number of Diez Minutos that is already on the kiosks we collect the latest newswhat you still don’t know about Gabriela’s pregnancy and everything that surrounds the ex-partner.

Gabriela Guillén and Bertín Osborne met during a photo session for the fashion firm El Capote in 2022.


“He is a child who is not wanted. It was an accident, which can happen to any couple. I’m not in love with Gabriela“said the presenter, who also explained that he had been “freaked” when he heard the news but that he plans to take care of everything the baby needs. She gave some more details, confessing that she was “shocked” when she took the test and confirmed her pregnancy. The masseuse has already chosen the name of the baby, without counting the singer because “he is my son”, hinting that his relationship with Bertín is not good. A distancing that occurs, according to Gabriela, “since he has told his family that he is going to be a father “.

fabiola martínez with bertin's daughters

Eugenia, Alejandra and Claudia, the result of Bertín’s marriage to Sandra Domecq, in an archive image together with Fabiola Martínez, the artist’s ex. The presenter’s three daughters prefer not to make statements about Gabriela Guillén’s pregnancy.


After learning the news, Bertín’s ex-wife, Fabiola Martínez, mother of his two young children, Kiko and Carlos, wished him to be “happy and enjoy this new parenthood very much.” However, the three eldest daughters of the presenter and singer -Alejandra, Eugenia and Claudia- have declined to make statements. “Now we can only support my father in everything he decides,” Eugenia told us, settling the issue. Bertín’s daughters do know Gabriela, but this does not mean that they have a relationship, neither good nor bad, as two of them told us.

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