Russians have defined their main guidelines when choosing a bank deposit | Market | Money

Two-thirds of Russian depositors carefully compare different offers before opening a deposit and make a decision mainly based on the size of the rate and trust in the bank’s brand. Such results were shown by a study, the results of which were provided to by the Sinara banking group.

“Depositors are the most sensitive to the interest rate: 40% of the interviewees indicated the importance of this parameter in their choice. The second most important factor is the branding of the bank, which offers a 15% deposit. The third most important is the duration of the deposit (13%),” Aleksey Shchavelev, deputy chairman of the board of directors of Sinara Bank, told

“The possibility of collection and replenishment increases the attractiveness of the product, but the influence of this factor is significantly less (8-9%). In addition, we found that various promotions and prize draws do not have sufficient influence on the choice in relation to the main basic parameters of the product,” added Alexey Shchavelev.

Almost 70% of respondents have a deposit in only one bank, while for 65% it is a state bank. Interestingly, 80% of current depositors are generally aware of the existence of the Deposit Insurance Agency, although only 56% of respondents are aware of the limit on the insured amount of 1.4 million rubles. But among retirees, 70% of respondents know the amount of insurance compensation.

Most of the respondents prefer to open deposits in a mobile application and online banking (74%), while retirees more often prefer to visit branches in person. For those choosing to deposit at a bank branch, personal communication with an advisor and safety are important.

A study on the sensitivity of depositors to deposit conditions was conducted on 1,200 people using the interview method. Among the thousands of respondents were men and women aged 20 to 60 who have a deposit in any bank. A further sample of 200 people are retirees.

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