From August, juices and soft drinks will rise in price in Russia

Prices of juices and soft drinks will rise in Russia from August

Large producers of carbonated drinks and juices PepsiCo (Russkiy Dar, Frustyle, Lyubimy, J7 brands, etc.) and Gardens Pridonya informed sellers about the upcoming increase in prices for their products.

According to Kommersant, who refers to letters from companies, prices will rise by 10-20% from August 1. The reason for the increase in prices is a noticeable depreciation of the national currency, which led to an increase in costs. Because of this, PepsiCo will increase the prices of drinks and juices by 19.2 – 21.3%, and snacks – by an average of 15.3%. In Sady Pridonya they talk about a 10% indexation against the background of an increase in the price of raw materials, materials, equipment maintenance and transport services.

According to the assumptions of some newspaper sources, the issue of price increases may still be considered during the negotiations. There is the option that the price increase can be offset by a promotion.

According to the head of the Union of Producers of Juices, Water and Beverages (Soyuznapitki) Maxim Novikov, the cost of industry products is affected by the exchange rate. He explained that 70% of the main cost of juices falls on imported juice concentrates and purees.

Vera Sergeeva.