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“Making sports better” is the most accurate definition of our basic setting, which has been unchanged for more than 20 years. We make sport more accessible, understandable and interesting through the creation of high-quality content and through its distribution to all possible platforms. is not just a sports news site. It is the main sports media in Russian with a multi-million audience, allowing users to read texts, blogs and news, follow matches and participate in the life of the community.


A big and important story for is our advertising special projects. You must have seen:

  • The game “Freekick” about football in space.
  • The game “Matchday”, where you need to remember the players, and “Matchday 2”, where you need to collect a full stadium of fans.
  • The game “Betinator”, where the cat reads your thoughts.

These projects are made by Sirena creative studio. At 90%, she works with partner (sponsored) materials. It can be either an interactive banner on the desktop or a complex landing page with games and animations. 10% – with projects where other departments of the company act as the customer: editorial, marketing, product.

Now we are looking for a marketer who will focus on the traffic of Sirena projects.

With us you will:

  • Announce special projects and other studio projects on all platforms.
  • Launch advertising campaigns (Yandex.Direct, VKontakte).
  • Look for new traffic sources and work with existing ones.
  • Track commits in front of clients.
  • Collect project efficiency analytics (Yandex.Metrica, our internal analytical system).


  • You worked in marketing for about 2 years.
  • You know how to interact with advertising accounts (Yandex.Direct, VKontakte, MyTarget). You know how to work with Yandex.Metrica.
  • You have basic skills in graphic editors (Figma, Photoshop).
  • You are a perfectionist with a high level of literacy. You won’t miss a single mistake or typo.
  • You had experience working with a creative team: designers, editors, copywriters.
  • You are immersed in the sports agenda (you have an idea about sports, are aware of iconic sporting events, and if you root for someone, it’s generally great!).


Comfort and care:

  • We do not micromanage and do not control hours worked. we trust our people. Therefore we have flexible start and end of the working daywhich you can define yourself.
  • Hybrid work schedule. We would like to see colleagues in person at our office in the center of Moscow, but sometimes it will be possible to work remotely.
  • VHI we arrange with dentistry from the first working day, and also fitness with English we can compensate.
  • If you need a vacation, we will always provide it to you. As well as sick leave, which in most cases does not entail a loss in money.
  • As a nice bonus, we have employee loyalty program with hundreds of different discounts.

Training and development assistance:

  • We have a very sensitive management that really invests in its employees. More than half of them grew up within the company, and this is significant for us.
  • We value feedback, so we do not neglect practices that help us become better: one-to-one, performance review.
  • For teams regularly buy access to popular conferencesso that our guys are always in trend.
  • We also do not forget about classical types of education, so we have provided compensation for specialized courses.

Not just colleagues, but a community:

  • We are comfortable not only working together, so we have formed various communities of interest: a football team, a FIFA club, a cinema club. We love board games, we practice random-coffee and just call up in the middle of the week to chat with colleagues on abstract topics.
  • In general, adequate and in a good way “simple” people work for us. Without pathos, snobbery and show-off. Without stuffiness and toxicity.


We are not lovers of formalities and delays in processes, we also approach hiring:

  • A test task for you to show yourself in business.
  • An interview with the team leader and HR for a maximum of an hour, where we will talk about your experience and our tasks.
  • And the final interview with the head of the creative studio, where we will finally make sure that we are suitable for each other.

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