Filling has started for additional MCD-4 tracks from Maryina Roshcha at Three Stations Square | Fly

In Moscow, as part of the construction of the MCD-4 route, the subgrade is being filled for the subsequent laying of new tracks between the Maryina Roshcha and Ploshchad treh Vokzalov stations. This was announced by Andrey Bochkarev, deputy mayor of Moscow for urban policies and construction.

“Under the project, the clearing of territories from public buildings and utilities has been completed and the final stage of filling the subsoil has begun, along which new main tracks of the MCD-4 will be laid in the future,” said the deputy head of the city.

He clarified that in total more than 6 km of main tracks are planned to be built. The same number will be rebuilt. Furthermore, the construction of 872 meters of retaining walls and the modernization of the existing railway infrastructure are planned.

According to Rafik Zagrutdinov, head of the Moscow city’s construction department, the project is expected to be completed next year.

“Item readiness is 66%. The completion of the first stage of reconstruction falls on September 2023, full completion is planned for 2024,” said Zagrutdinov.

The report notes that as a result of the project results, the Kursk, Riga and Smolensk directions of the Moscow Railway will be connected to create an MCD-4 route.

Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced a high degree of readiness of the MCD-4.