“Fan IDs are not issued by those who have a stigma in the cannon. A new generation will grow up that will fill the stadiums without the punks arranging brawls. Koloskov about the fan card – Football

Vyacheslav Koloskov opposed the cancellation of Fan ID.

“A healthy grain in this situation is that the most important thing is to prevent disgrace in the stands. In this regard, the FAN ID was introduced. Look – the whole season passed with us without a hitch and without a hitch, there was not a single skirmish anywhere.

And remember the Russian Super Cup match between CSKA and Zenit in Kazan. How many fans were arrested there – 150, 200? And these are all those people who are not allowed into the stands of stadiums without a fan card. Therefore, I am a firm supporter of the fact that the fan card is not cancelled.

In a year or two, a new generation of fans will grow up, which will go to matches and fill stadiums. But already without this punks, who arrange all sorts of brawls in the stands. I do not consider this a strict measure, it is an elementary measure.

I issued the fan card myself and spent only four and a half minutes on it. After all, those who have a stigma in a cannon do not draw it up. Those who understand that they will not be allowed in because their biography does not match.

Therefore, they do not even try to submit documents, because they know that they will not receive them, since they have already been repeatedly convicted of organizing riots at stadiums. Therefore, I am completely in favor of keeping the fan card, ”said the honorary president of the RFU.

The scene instead of “Turn” is now even in the Cup. Zenit cannot carry out the dismantling – perhaps due to the cries of fans against Fan ID

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