Trump said he would demand compensation from Europe for helping Ukraine

Trump says he will demand compensation from Europe for helping Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump, if he is elected to the post of head of the White House for a new term, has promised to demand compensation from EU states for the military assistance the US provided to Kiev.

In a video message posted on his campaign website, Trump said he would call on European countries to demand that the United States reimburse “the cost of restoring arms stocks transferred to Ukraine.” Furthermore, according to the politician, this must be done now, but the current president, Joe Biden, is “too weak and they don’t respect him.”

Trump reminded that the amount of military assistance that Europe currently provides to kyiv is much less than what the United States spends on it. He said that the United States spent $200 billion to help Ukraine.

Furthermore, Trump emphasized that Biden’s actions are leading to a third world war.

Vera Sergeeva.