Matytsin about Isinbayeva: “It is unacceptable to treat military rank and civil position, the events that take place in your country this way” – Athletics

Oleg Matytsin condemned Elena Isinbayeva for her words about military rank.

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee initiated a check against Isinbayeva for compliance with the criteria for participation in IOC events.

IOC Ethics Commission decidedthat the two-time Olympic champion in the pole vault does not have a contract with the Russian army and did not support the fighting in Ukraine.

Isinbayeva herself statedthat her rank of major is “purely nominal”.

“It is unacceptable to treat military rank and civil position in this way, to the events that are taking place in your country.

Every person who loves his country has a negative attitude towards such statements,” said the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Isinbayeva really lives in Spain? Her daughter plays tennis in the Canaries, and Elena makes excuses in two languages