Fedotov considers training in the Russian army more serious than that of the US Navy SEALs: “It’s hard to imagine how to work at such a level every day” – Ice Hockey

Ivan Fedotov compared the training of “fur seals” and Russian sailors.

On July 1, 2022, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team was detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of evading military service. The 2022 Gagarin Cup winner with CSKA, who signed a contract with Philadelphia in May last year, served in the Northern Fleet.

On July 8, the Moscow club officially announced about a new two-year contract with the goalkeeper.

– In 2016, you were in the NHL, in Philadelphia you were in the SEALs training camp. Now a year has passed in the Russian army. Whose training is more dangerous and more serious – the elite of the US special forces or the Russian sailor?

– Russian army. I was in Philadelphia for a short period, well, they made a presentation. The “seals” more emphasis was placed on physical activity and strong-willed qualities, and in the army – physical activity, strong-willed qualities, they line up a little differently, somehow longer.

There [у «морских котиков»] you ran a cross-country, some kind of triathlon, carried someone else – and you are already exhausted, tired. During these 5 hours you are knocked out so that you think that it can’t get any worse.

And in the Russian army… I was lucky, I met different people who initiated me into our training system. It’s completely different, and it’s hard to imagine how to work at this level every day,” Fedotov said.

SEALs are a tactical unit of the United States Navy Special Operations Forces.