Ministry of Transport of Crimea has announced changes in the functioning of the ferry crossing of Kerch | Car

The work of the Kerch ferry crossing will be suspended daily from 21:00 to 05:00 until further notice. This was announced on his Telegram channel by the head of the Crimean Ministry of Transport Nikolai Lukashenko.

He noted that regular buses and organized groups of children go to the ferry.

“For the convenience of passengers, carriers are advised to arrive at the crossing no later than 6pm and no earlier than 5am,” Lukashenka added.

The rest of the charter buses go on an alternative route through new regions or independently organize the transportation of passengers on the “bus-train-bus” scheme, the minister said.

As a priority, children, regular buses and trucks with basic necessities are sent across the Kerch ferry crossing, the head of the Republican Ministry of Transport specified.

Recall that the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge took place on the morning of July 17th. As a result, the bridge structures were damaged, two people were killed and an underage girl was injured. Drivers have been advised to take an alternative route. After the attack, the ferries carried 4.4 thousand people, 1.3 thousand cars and 64 passenger buses.