In a clinic in Orenburg, the intensive care unit was flooded due to a sewer failure | Accidents

In the Orenburg clinic, due to a breakthrough in the sewage system, the intensive care unit was flooded, the doctors managed to transfer patients who were there with an acute cerebrovascular accident. This was announced by the head physician of the Clinical Hospital. IN E. Voinova Alexander Redyukov.

“The turning area is a chamber. The patients were transferred from the ward. The equipment was not damaged,” she wrote in her Telegram channel.

Redyukov also thanked the staff of the department for the timely elimination of the consequences of the emergency.

The video of the incident was released on Orenburg regional television. Show how water flows from the ceiling of the ward. Doctors are moving stretchers and equipment right now.

It was previously reported that Russia may ban the dumping of household and food waste down the drain.