The curious video of Paz Padilla asking to vote by mail

Paz Padilla has once again revolutionized the networks with her latest video. The presenter is spending a wonderful summer away from television, but as the good restless woman that she is, she now has a new project with her daughter Anna Ferrer. Both will be the main figures of the new space called ‘You are missing a trip’, that could be broadcast on Cuatro or Telecinco. In it, mother and daughter will tour countries around the world with a casual tone. A show that is sure to be a runaway success, as what mother and daughter touch turns to gold. Paz and Anna will be accompanied by local guides who will help them discover exotic locations. In his journey, which will be full of fun, exciting moments and a great sense of humor.

Paz Padilla always draws attention for her projects or for her way of facing life. In their networks it is shown without filters, without mincing words and with the humor that characterizes it. Through her ‘TikTok’ account, the woman from Cádiz posted a video and received many comments.

In the video you can see the comedian announce to her followers that she is going to pick up vote by mail while going to an office of this company. Everything seems normal until Paz Padilla starts hopping around as if she were a frog. As expected, the video has received a lot of comments, both political and humorous. ‘‘Don’t vote by mail, they manipulate’ or ”I pee, you’re tremendous”were some that could be read.

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