Russian airlines increased passenger traffic by 18% in the first half of the year | Politics

Russian airlines increased passenger traffic in the first half of 2023 by 18%, Vitaly Savelyev, head of Russia’s transport ministry, said at a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the cabinet of ministers.

According to him, during this period, air carriers served 47.5 million passengers on domestic routes and direct flights to 24 countries.

Savelyev stressed that Russian airlines manage to contain the increase in airfares, and the Ministry of Transport monitors the cost of flights.

He added that 58 billion rubles will be allocated to subsidize the aviation industry in 2023.

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin recalled how he “argued” with Savelyev about refueling the Home Fleet.

“Remember, when you were still the head of Aeroflot, I persuaded you to order as many domestic ships as possible. You and I even conditionally swore about this, ”the president said at a meeting with cabinet members.

Savelyev, according to the president, assured that Western producers are reliable and valid partners.

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