The curious response of Laura Escanes to a follower who criticizes her

The networks were on top of Laura Escanes for consuming a type of product. The influencer is enjoying some fabulous days in Menorca and it seems that both work and personal life flow like silk. After her media separation from the father of her daughter Roma, Risto Mejide, The Catalan has once again believed in love thanks to the Andalusian singer Álvaro de Luna. She is also totally immersed in different professional projects that keep her non-stop but very happy. In the near future, the young woman will premiere an exciting travel program on a Catalan regional channel. She has also participated in various ad campaigns recently, cementing her success as a content creator. His popular podcast “Between the sky and the clouds” has been a success and the Ídolo awards recognized his effort in the “Digital Creator of the Year” category.

In his networks he shows himself as he is, although that sometimes causes him problems. The influencer published in her ‘stories’ how much fun she has on a boat with some friends. At a stop to rest from so much sun and sea, the gang decided to have a snack and among the food were some nachos with guacamole from the well-known Mercadona supermarket. This seems that she has confused her ‘followers’.

“Aunt, you are a millionaire and you buy doritos from Hacendado”, a follower wrote to him and Laura Escanes responded with great naturalness and self-confidence. “I am not a millionaire, but I think that if I were, I would continue eating guacamole and nachos from Mercadona because I love them,” giving a life lesson because buying brands does not make you a better or worse person.


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