Sandra Barneda tells the story of when she was scammed

Sandra Barneda confessed this Wednesday, July 19, that she was the victim of a scam. Although ‘That’s life’ It started with quite low audiences, it seems that the program is being strengthened both by the team formed and by the topics they deal with. The new Telecinco space was the first to contact Gabriela Guillén to speak first-hand how is your pregnancy going And how did Bertín Osborne take it? After the physiotherapist’s statements, the singer published a video on social networks of him complaining about the treatment he was receiving from “friends of his” who are presenters. Emma García, María Patiño or Sandra Barneda were some of those mentioned in his video and the latter answered live.

Apart from dealing with current issues that surround the heart, other types of topics are discussed in the program. Raquel Arias, after discussing the issue of sects, He recounted an experience that happened to him in childhood. This Wednesday it was the turn of Sandra Barneda and she was honest about a scam she suffered when she was younger.


“I remember how they ripped me off. But they ripped me off well, well, well. I’m even ashamed. This was more than 20 years ago. I was in an antique furniture market, which I really like. I was in one of them in Lisbon and there they offered me a cell phone, a nokia, with a hexagonal figure, when a man arrived who told me that he would let me have it very cheap. At first I told him ‘no’, but he followed us and I told my friend, ‘hey, he’s offering it to me for very little’ “, he began counting to finally reveal the scam.

‘Come on,’ I said. And when he gave it to me it was a bar of soap. A bar of soap with the keyboard stuck to it. The first one I caught was real. But when I paid for it and gave it to me, they gave me a big change. I kept the bar of soap, we tried to run, I was young and we didn’t catch them”.


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