Dentist slammed filling buyers for self-installation | Health

Seals for self-installation, which appeared on the markets, are unsafe and “only idiots” can buy them, this opinion was expressed by orthopedic dentist Ivan Mussurov in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.

“I have seen veneers that could be heated and applied. It turned out, as in childhood, a vampire jaw. A person has always been greedy, he always wants to save on himself, on others, including his health, unfortunately. And there will be many such people. Idiots who believe that you can buy a piece of plastic, shut your teeth, ”Mussurov said.

She noted that such a step can only be taken in an emergency situation, when a chipped or fallen out tooth needs to be covered for a short time.

“Something can happen away from civilization, on the street, for example, where there is no dentist. Then you can use something like this. This is the only way I allow such nonsense, ”said Musssurov.

It should be noted that plastic seal sets cost several hundred rubles on the markets, their demand is quite high, although the procedure is unsafe.

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