Adara Molinero gets a tattoo for ‘Survivors’ and she doesn’t do it alone

‘Survivors’ unites and whoever says otherwise should tell Adara Molinero. The former contestant has left the island with very nice friends. She feels very lucky because she is living a magical love story with Bosco Martínez-Bordiú, and although there have been some strange moves by the couple, it seems that both are giving themselves a chance and are very close. Almost all the plans are made together and this summer they are making the most of it.

Apart from traveling with the new love of her life, Adara dared with a radical change of look. In the contest she counted her hair for food and heThe young man has been most favored, so he went to a hairdresser to respect the cut and go blonde. It lasted a few days, since he has preferred to darken it a bit. This would not be the only challenge that the celebrity has dared. Adara Molinero showed through her social networks his new tattoo A drawing that you have shared with someone else from ‘Survivors’.

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Adara Molinero has not gotten the tattoo alone, but has been accompanied by her boyfriend and two other friends. Alma Bollo, Jonan Wiergo and Bosco Blach Martínez-Bordiú organized a reunion in Valencia. The group became inseparable in the Cayos Cochinos and now they have wanted to reflect that friendship in the form of a tattoo. Exactly the influencers decided be engraved on the instep of the foot the coordinates of Cayo Palomathe beach where they lived together.

We don’t know if Adara will be criticized for making a tattoo with a guy she just met, or if her followers love the idea. The only thing we can know is that Elena, Adara’s mother, has hallucinated with the ‘stories’.


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