Razvozhaev: delayed deliveries of AI-92 gasoline were recorded in Sevastopol | In Russia | Politics

In Sevastopol, there were minor delays in the supply of AI-92 gasoline to gas stations, but there is no shortage of fuel in the city.

This was announced by the governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev in his official Telegram channel.

Razvozhaev explained that gas station networks have an obligation to fulfill contracts. In this regard, at some gas stations there are situations with the booking of fuel for enterprises responsible, among other things, for city life.

At the same time, the governor instructed to resolve this situation with tankers.

“People shouldn’t suffer because of business contracts,” Razvozhaev said.

He also instructed specialists from the municipal economy department to check reports of rising gasoline prices and monitor prices at gas stations.

“If there are signs of violation of the antimonopoly law, antimonopoly response measures will be taken,” the governor explained.

Earlier, the director of the Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin told aif.ru that the record increase in prices for AI-92 gasoline during trading on the exchange will not have a big impact on retail prices at conventional gas stations, since prices at gas stations and the exchange are not directly related to each other.