The reason why Ana Rosa Quintana does not leave her room

Spain is going through its third heat wave and although many celebrities are in the pool, others are working from sunrise to sunset, albeit with air conditioning. Picking up the remote and pressing the button to let out cold air and thus combat extreme temperatures has become one of the most common practices. This Wednesday, July 19, Ana Rosa Quintana confessed that she only Do you have one of these devices in your entire home?. A fact that has surprised many.

‘The Ana Rosa program’ connected live with Ana Terradillos to advance the topics of ‘Four a day’, where this Wednesday they will address the adverse effects that air conditioning has on our bodies. According to many experts, abusing air conditioning is harmful since it generates respiratory and skin problems, not to mention the fees that citizens have to pay. Listening to her partner, the morning presenter pointed out: “I have it and I usually put it at 24 or 25 degrees. I only have it in one place. I spend my life in my roomin the rest of the house the truth is that I do not have “.

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“I don’t have it because it wasn’t necessary, because I don’t usually spend the month of July here, in Madrid… Thanks to Pedro Sánchez I’m here in the month of July,” said Ana Rosa Quintana ironically, who also stressed: “Strong air conditioning bothers me a lot, it bothers me horribly and it’s fatal for my throat,” and her voice always has to be on point.


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