Castuera will start the preseason on Monday, July 24

Francisco Vazquez


Wednesday, July 19, 2023, 9:11 p.m.

CD Castuera-Subastacar continues to work towards shaping its squad for the 2023-24 season in Tercera RFEF. Coach Alberto Fernández’s idea was to keep as many players as possible from last season and try to sign “hungry youngsters who bring quality and experience to the team.” Something that is not being easy at all, since, according to the nougat technician “our budget cannot compete with others in the category and we have to refine well and a lot”. In fact, for the preparation of the squad, so far, Castuera has renewed eleven players from last season: Vera, Molina, David Peña, Álvaro, Davilillo, Miguel Bereket, Jorge González, Kike Llamas, Elu, Jesús Marín and Moha. And seven new faces have joined: Ablaye Sarr Faye ‘Lay’, a player who returns to Castuera after his time at Xerez and Maracena UD; Aleix Ruiz, who joins El Palo FC of the Andalusian Tercera and who arrives to reinforce the defense where he can act as a center back and right back; Javi Duce, right winger from FC La Calzada of the Tercera RFEF de La Rioja; Pablo Ruiz, homegrown right-back for Betis and Recreativo de Huelva; Madou Sibidé, left winger from Atlético Astorga and goalkeepers Antonio Hidalgo ‘Jerry’, from Quintana and Matías Suarez, from Olivenza from Tercera Extremadura, where he played the promotion phase to the Second RFEF last season.

In any case, Alberto Fernández is confident that he will be able to incorporate at least three more players, to occupy the positions of defensive pivot, interior or versatile winger and center forward, to close a squad that has 21 players or the 22 that the Federation allows. “We are waiting for the players who have not yet found a team to lower the cache and adapt to our budget to be able to carry out some of these signings, since the idea is to have two players per position so that the team’s competitiveness begins in the same dressing room”. And it is that, according to the coach, Castuera’s commitment for next season is “to put together a young, hard-working, competitive team whose main hallmarks are commitment and dedication.”

In this way, the team continues adding renewals and incorporations of players with which to prop up a squad that next season in Tercera RFEF will start with the idea of ​​ensuring permanence as soon as possible, in order to later be able to fight for greater goals.

The forecast is that, on Monday, July 24, filming will begin on the new project of the CD Castuera-Subastacar. Given the imminent start of the preseason, Fernández takes the opportunity to demand that the necessary works be undertaken to change the pitch at Manuel Ruiz, understanding that the “change of pitch will mean a great investment”, but it is also true that its “current condition is very deficient and this could cause serious injuries to the players”. In this sense, the coach explains that two historical teams with which he had contacted to play the preseason “have given up doing so when their representatives have seen the state of the pitch” and insists on the urgency of changing the grass, since, “if, as a general rule, it is estimated that the artificial turf on soccer fields have a useful life of between 8 and 10 years, more than 11 years have passed in which Manuel Ruiz has had practically no respite between matches and training sessions for the 11 teams with those that the club counts”.

In any case, a schedule of both home and away matches is already being set for the preseason, in addition to the match for the first round of the Federation Cup against Don Benito on Saturday, August 12, and the classic summer soccer tournament of the Commonwealth of La Serena.

As for the coaching staff, they completely repeat that of last season and the goalkeeping coach of Felipe Morillo, a man of the house and who returns to the club after passing through the Campanario, joins. The utility man Herminio has also been renewed.

Assembly on July 20

On the other hand, in order to report on the economic status and the sports project of Castuera for the next season, the board of directors has convened the General Assembly of Members, which will be held on Thursday, July 20 at 8:30 p.m. in the Cultural Center.