“Spartak” was offered ex-forward “Real” Jovic (Metaratings) – Football

If Jovic is really persuaded to play in the RPL, then this is a Malcolm-level transfer.
He was very good in the club of the second echelon, he deserved an offer of a grandee, in which he did not succeed. At the same time, he played well in his second loan to Eintracht and Fiorentina. Thirty matches for the national team with live and healthy Mitrovic and Vlahovic. If I’m not mistaken, I scored against the Russian national team in that very match from 5:0. 25 years.

I remember that Spartak indicated at the beginning of the MOT that he was looking for a forward with a European name under 27 years old. Well, here he is, I just wouldn’t have thought in my life that Jovic could be lured into the RPL. Malcolm crossed under different circumstances.