Glavkosmos sells Yulia Peresild’s spacesuit

Glavkosmos sells spacesuit to Yulia Peresild

It was decided to sell the Sokol KV-2 rescue suit, in which actress Yulia Peresild starred on the International Space Station in the film Challenge.

The ad posted on the Glavkosmos website offers to buy a Sokol KV-2 spacesuit and specifies that it was specially made for “a Soyuz MS-19 main crew member, actress Yulia Peresild, to shoot a movie on board the ISS as part of the scientific and educational project Challenge”.

It should be noted that Sokol spacesuits, together with the ship’s onboard systems, are necessary to ensure the life and performance of a space flight participant. The kit (includes helmet, visor, gloves and starting boots) weighs 10.5 kg.

It is not specified how much the suit costs. Those who wish to become owners can leave an application on the site and all the details of the acquisition will be discussed. The publication states that the item is in perfect condition. Glavkosmos notes that the space suit can become a museum exhibit or become part of a private collection. It is also suitable as a prop for filming movies or advertising.

Also, on the Glavkosmos Internet portal, you can buy a spacesuit for Peresild’s understudy, Alena Mordovina.

Vera Sergeeva.