Official: Islam Makhachev will face Charles Oliveira at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi on October 21 – Boxing/MMA/UFC

Damn, I’m reading the comments and freaking out a little. Why fight without intrigue? I think there is intrigue. Oliveira is a strong athlete who has been fighting the strongest opponents in recent years. Yes, and Islam, it seems to me, has something to prove.

Why do they think that Oliveira and Makhachev are not media people? They have a normal fan base, not Connor and Khabib, but everyone has a strong 6+ million in the banned network, and the audience is most likely different.

The result is difficult to predict. On the one hand, Islam is the favorite. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Oliveira surprised and took the belt.

I will try to watch the fight, I hope it will be cool and competitive.