Daria Klishina said that now she has no motivation to return to sports

Daria Klishina said that now she has no motivation to return to the sport.

Klishina is the silver medalist of the World Long Jump Championship.

“The priority right now is family. There is no motivation to return to the level at which I was. I train for myself because I want to keep fit. I don’t know about other athletes, but athletes are spoiled for how we should look. I want to get as close as possible to what has always been.

If we were allowed into Paris 2024 and I found out about the admission a little earlier, and not now, then, in principle, I would have found motivation. When you know what you’re training for, that’s another matter. And when you don’t have light at the end of the tunnel, it’s very difficult. Sport takes away health, time, emotions. You are completely focused on your career, cutting a lot of things in life in order to come to training as healthy as possible.

If I didn’t have children, I would be 21-22 years old, probably, even here I would have thought. Many young athletes have not competed for several years. In their place, I think I would have had the strength to just go to school. When I have already passed my sports life, I understand that after a career there is another life – it is beautiful and full of opportunities, everything does not end with sports. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this.

Education is very important, and I am glad that I did not go to the sports faculty at one time. There was even a conflict with the coach – she said that I did not want to go to RSUPC and receive a standard education that all athletes receive. There is practically no need to study, everything will be put for merit. I wanted to enter another university, get a normal diploma, study.

As a result, I achieved this – I passed the exams, entered another university, studied full-time. For the first three years I went to classes every day, in the fourth year the attendance was 50%, and the rest I did online. I came and took the session. And in the fifth year it was much easier – it’s just a thesis.

My supervisor was the rector, with whom I had excellent relations. I defended my thesis very easily, passed the exams and was extremely happy – I did it myself, I had no connections. I graduated from management, one course was specialized – sports management. It was easy because I studied what was going on around me. And so far it has been beneficial.

I would like young athletes to take care of their future in advance.

Many people think that there is nothing but sports, and there is a psychological stopper. In fact, every person is so talented that sport definitely does not limit anyone. Yes, I understand that this is a big part of life that required resources, talent, endurance, discipline, but everyone has a lot of talents. The main thing is not to be lazy, but to reveal these talents in time, ”said Klishina.

“In principle, I don’t read to my son in English, but I’m from Russia.” Daria Klishina is happy in Miami – she has a family and a job there