“Taking care of a child is more than just paying bills”

Alba Carrillo has thrown a full-fledged zasca at Bertín Osborne. The model has been one of the guests at the premiere of the film ‘Barbie’ in Madrid and at the event she has given her opinion about the presenter and what she thinks of the controversy that arose after learning that Bertín will be a father with Gabriela Guillén, 37 years younger than him. “I can’t stand Bertín,” said the television collaborator to the reporters, with the sincerity that characterizes her.

For Alba, the presenter belonged to a group of “untouchables” and that is over. “He is a person who has never been able to talk about. When I was in ‘Survivientes 2017’ he did a ‘My house is yours’ with Feliciano (Alba’s ex-husband). And wow two troglodytes in the cave”, the model has confessed. One of Bertín’s statements that has bothered the model the most is the one in which she affirms that she will take care of her future child. “I am going to assume my responsibility with the baby”, said the singer.


Alba makes it clear to him what it means to be a father. “Being parents is much more than paying. Being a father is parenting, being there when your child’s teeth grow and also being with the mother. What she has said seems tremendous to me, “Alba declared. The model said that her son goes to the same school as Bertín’s children but she”I have never seen him at school. Once at a Christmas party. She is not expected.”

Alba, who a few days ago was in the famous special edition of ‘El cazador’, also spoke at the premiere of ‘Barbie’ about her desire to return to television, her Twitch channel ‘El salón de té’ -from where she criticized Mediaset- and the publication of her book, ‘Lista para la vida’, which goes on sale on October 5. The model misses TV but not having a formal partner. “No, I don’t miss a man. If you say yes to one you have to say no to many and I am now living my golden stage, I want to have several,” he said with a laugh.

Other well-known faces attended the premiere, such as Marta López Álamo, who spoke about the rapprochement of her husband, Kiko Matamoros, and her daughter, Anita. “I want the whole family to be together,” she declared.


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