gives him some advice after finding out his paternity

Carmen Lomana is a great friend of Bertin Osborneor so she says, because their friendship of years does not take away for him to give her a ears tug when touch. Recently it has been known that Bertín will be a father together with Gabriela Guillén, and according to what Carmen assured at the premiere of the film ‘Barbie’ -which Marta López Álamo also went through and spoke of the reconciliation of Kiko Matamoros and her daughter-, she has had a serious conversation with himin which he made it clear that “She has to do something” because she is no longer there to have children. As it is.

The socialite and businesswoman did not bite her tongue in her telephone conversation with him, and it is that, as they say, ‘where there is trust, it sucks’. After the criticism that Alba Carrillo sent her, Carmen did not cut a hair either: “Bertín make a vasectomythat He is no longer old enough to continue procreating“, Lomana emphatically told the press who went to cover the premiere of ‘Barbie’. “You know that I love you and that I support you, but you should do something to avoid these things.“, also pointed out the businesswoman, who you don’t seem to agree with your friend being a father at 68.

Carmen Lomana at the premiere of the movie ‘Barbie’


The presenter and singer gave the bell just a few days ago confirm that his ‘special friend’, as he called her – to later acknowledge having had “a relationship of several months” with her – was waiting for what will be his sixth son. Bertín Osborne had a son -Cristian- with Sandra domecq, who died a few weeks after birth. Later, with her he had his Three daughters -Alejandra, Eugenia and Claudia, who has just learned that she is expecting her second baby-. After divorcing Sandra in 1991, married Fabiola Martínez in 2006and from that relationship they had his sons Kike and Carlos. After 15 years married, Bertín and Fabiola would announce their separation in 2021. Finally, they signed the divorce at the beginning of 2022.

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