Lucía Rivera says this about Eva González, her father’s ex, Cayetano Rivera

Lucía Rivera has opened up about what she thinks of Eva González. The model became the protagonist of the presentation of the new collection of an eyewear firm, in Madrid. A photocall in which she posed for the first time with her ‘sister’, Kika Cerqueira, daughter of María Cerqueira, her father’s current partner and of whom she stated: “I needed a sister, I was happy to have a sister to tell my things to”. Lucía has also talked about the success of her book, ‘Nothing is what it seems’; of her sentimental situation -“I don’t have a partner, I prefer to have a life partner, a special friend that I can trust-; and of the relationship she has right now with her father, at which time she has thrown a hint at Eva González by acknowledging that she is now “closer” to her father.

The relationship with my father is specialI grew up with my grandparents. The fact that I do not say that I see my father does not mean that he does not see him, there has never been an abysmal distance, not everything is seen on networks. Now the relationship is closer. I want everyone to be happy, especially my brother,” Lucía revealed. Also click on the video to hear what he thinks of Eva González.


And in relation to her brother, it was when the model complimented the presenter of ‘La Voz’. “My brother is just as handsome as his parents. Eve is a cannon and my father is another cannon so imagine what will come out of there”, he declared.

Lucía has this brother on her father’s side and another brother on her mother’s side. To these should be added the children of María Cerqueira, Cayetano’s partner. A family she is very proud of: “I always had the family I wanted but now is a different and great time. Now everything is easier than before, in all aspects“.


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