Alina Zagitova visited Maxim Trankov’s program on Channel One

Alina Zagitova visited the program of Maxim Trankov on Channel One.

The release of the podcast “Free program” with Zagitova will be released on July 23 at 23:30 Moscow time.

“I didn’t like figure skating at all. My mother brought me: “Come on, go ride.” And I sobbed near the side: “Take me out of here.” In fact, she forced me … And in childhood there was such a situation that I was always near the pedestal. That is, I lacked some hundredths of a point to climb this third step. For me, “bronze” was already “wow”.

Then there was the third, then the second, and the first places appeared when I began to study with Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze. And all the time there was something to strive for, and there was always a lot of competition, ”said Zagitova.

Also in the program, Alina talked about how she got four pets at home, what she bought with the first money she earned, and how she treats haters on social networks.

In addition, the skater will remember the car accident she experienced, when the car with her mother at the wheel turned over and ended up in a ditch.