The disgust of Isabel Pantoja after her reunion with her son Kiko Rivera

Isabel Pantoja is “destroyed”. When everything seemed to indicate that the distance between the members of the Pantoja clan was coming to an end, the alarms went off again. On July 16, the singer left Cantora to be next to his son after learning that the DJ was admitted to a hospital in Seville and they were going to perform a catheterization. Mother and son spent the afternoon together. Kiko Rivera thanked her mother for spending the afternoon with him, something that was necessary for both of them, and apologized for her ways and for losing her temper in a way that, according to him, does not characterize her. At that time, the news was the reunion of mother and son and the operation of the DJ, who is already recovering at home. But now, After the words of the journalist Antonio Rossi, in ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, the part in which the DJ apologizes to his mother, makes sense.

TV Capture

“Monday was not a good day for Isabel Pantoja, not because of Kiko’s health problems, which also, but because the relationship with his son ended very badly that day. She returned very badly to Cantora. She realized that her relationship with her son is completely broken, “Rossi commented. And to this disgust were added the words that Isa Pantoja had said on the Ana Rosa Quintana program that same morning.”What Isa says that they talk assiduously does not conform to the truth. Apparently, he hasn’t spoken to her since before leaving for her American tour and the last WhatsApp he has from her daughter is from May. She was very upset by what she had said to Isa,” the journalist reported, with Isa Pantoja on the set.

The television collaborator has not kept quiet and has explained that it is not that they have a relationship to talk every day but they did do it a few days ago. “She calls me to see Alberto and find out how he is. The relationship is good. She is always interested in my sonHe is his right eye and he wants to keep in touch with him above anything else,” she replied.


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