Nutritionist Mukhina warned against eating desserts with sweetener | Health

Sweets containing the sweetener aspartame are considered the most dangerous to health, 24 nutritionist, doctor of medical sciences Mariyat Mukhina said in Moscow.

He recalled that the World Health Organization has recognized aspartame as a potentially dangerous carcinogen that can lead to the development of oncology.

In the composition of the products, this sweetener is indicated as E951. In addition to the risk of developing cancer, it can also contribute to obesity, the doctor warned.

“Aspartame causes a state in which the taste buds send a signal to the brain that something sweet has gone and insulin is released. Against the background of the action of this hormone, appetite is stimulated in a person. As a result, having eaten a product with such a sweetener, he eats even more, ”explained Mukhina.

We mentioned earlier that aspartame is an artificial chemical sweetener. Most often it is added to carbonated and non-carbonated cold sweet drinks, ice cream, chewing gum, yogurt, breakfast cereals. It is used in making medicines, for sweet shell of tablets, for cough drops and so on.