The Cossack battalion “Terek”, participating in the NMD, celebrated one year of its foundation | Army | Society

The Terek Cossack battalion, which includes volunteers from the Terek Cossack army, will celebrate its founding anniversary on July 21, according to the Russian Cossack portal.

As the chief of troops Vitaly Kuznetsov said, in a year of service on the front line, the battalion fighters moved from Vugledar to Kherson, and now the Cossacks are fighting in the Soledar direction.

“In a year, 1,250 volunteer Cossacks passed through the Terek battalion, 46 battalion fighters were awarded state awards, another 50 were presented for state awards, 135 were awarded departmental awards of the RF Ministry of Defense,” the ataman said.

Recall that in the spring, the presidential envoy to the North Caucasus, Yuri Chaika, on whose initiative the battalion was created, visited the base of the Terek Cossack brigade in the Lugansk People’s Republic and presented awards to distinguished fighters.