The indescribable model of María Forqué at the premiere of the film ‘Barbie’

María Forqué has once again attracted a lot of attention for her chosen look. This past Wednesday, July 19, the promotion of the film ‘Barbie’ was held in Madrid. A photocall worthy of a movie was set up and many well-known faces passed through the ‘pink Barbie’ carpet to later enjoy the premiere. All the attendees went with looks inspired by the famous doll and the daughter of the deceased Verónica Forqué returned to capture all her eyes for her outfit. The young woman did not choose pink like the other attendees, and it is that she chose more of a ‘Barbie dominatrix’ look. Her style and her philosophy of life mean that she never sticks to the norm or what is expected, so she used this premiere to play again with her style, with which they have left absolutely no one indifferent.

Lace stockings and a leather lingerie set, made up of a top and a very skimpy bottom. Both with a tribute, yes, to Jane Birkin, since she incorporated the handle and clasps that we can see in the bags that took her name. Her companion was not “simple” either. Discretion is not what goes with them and her companion appeared on the pink carpet with her face covered with a mask. Her nod to the movie was a small clutch in the star tone of the night that he wore and she wore shoes signed by Balenciaga.

From the very mini look that the young woman chose, you could see that she had a little carelessness. The thong that Maria was wearing was so minimal that she revealed a wound in her groin. Many times it happens that due to such delicate hair removal it can cause irritation and perhaps that was what happened to the young woman.


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