Everything you need to know about Amaia Montero’s state of health

Amaia Montero set off all the alarms again this past Wednesday, July 19, and it is that the singer was admitted to a hospital again: “She was operated on for the little finger, but nothing alarming,” they said and the artist would already be at home recovering. It seems that the Basque is going through a difficult time. In October, she published a controversial photo on her networks in which she looked very deteriorated and with a cryptic message. After that, the artist was admitted to a clinic in Navarra and her uneasiness for her increased even more, although a few weeks after she was allowed to see visibly better on social networks. More details have been revealed about this new entry, since her closest entourage acted as spokespersons for the singer.

A journalist from ‘Espejo público’ got in touch with his sister, Idoia Montero, leaving very little peace of mind for something as subtle as this new entry. “A muffled voice and a worrying tone.” “She is going to stay on the sidelines, she says she appreciates the concern, but stresses that we maintain respect, that” it is a delicate moment,” she explained to the Antena 3 program. Idoia also confessed to the journalist while speaking with her that she was waiting for an “urgent request”, showing the anguish that the entire family is going through.

“We are all looking forward to his return with more strength”, ex Gonzalo Miró said about the composer when it was learned of her admission due to her weakened state of mental health. Amaia’s mother also spoke about her daughter’s state of health. As ‘Semana’ was able to learn, Pilar Saldías, one of the great supporters of the former singer of ‘La Oreja de Van Gogh’, appreciated the concern for the singer but assured that she is all fine.


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