Sonsoles Ónega lives an embarrassing moment in ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ because of Shakira

Sonsoles Ónega has exploded live on the subject of Shakira and the Treasury. The singer, if it is not because of her controversial separation, is because of the problem with the Tax Agency. The fact is that the Colombian is always in the spotlight. This Thursday in ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ there was talk of the complaint that the Prosecutor’s Office filed against the interpreter. Now a second case has been opened in which the artist is accused of having defrauded the Treasury in personal income tax and property taxes for the 2018 fiscal year. Given this, Shakira issued a statement in which she highlighted that she had not received any type of notification from the Treasury and defended that she has always acted “in accordance with the law and under the advice of the best tax experts.”

The journalist Antonio Naranjo has jumped into the pool with an approach “politically incorrect”. The collaborator came out in defense of the artist charging against the Tax Agency: “Enough of the holy tax inquisition of this country, which turns anyone who has a discussion with the Treasury into a criminal.” A few words that have not gone down very well on the set, let alone the presenter.

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“In this country we have seen how they have requested 33 years in prison for Imanol Arias and Ana Duato, who have paid their taxes, but have had a disagreement about the way to pay them. It is good that these types of people are equated with criminals who have taken money abroad. Bárcenas is not the same as Shakira, but they are treated the same”, sentenced the journalist. The presenter was forced to stop the journalist: “No, they are not treated the same, because Mr. Bárcenas even had preventive detention and Shakira did not.” After this, Naranjo has put other well-known examples on the table, such as that of Màxim Huerta or Xabi Alonso.

Carlos Quilez began to argue with the journalist, refuting his statements and Sonsoles settled the matter. “You are making very harsh statements on this set. Be careful, everyone here can say what they want, but be careful.”


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