Elena Vaitsekhovskaya called Elena Isinbayeva “not a very smart woman”

Elena Vaitsekhovskaya called Elena Isinbayeva “not a very smart woman.”

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee initiated a check against Isinbayeva for compliance with the criteria for participation in IOC events.

The IOC Ethics Commission ruled that the two-time Olympic pole vault champion had no contract with the Russian army and did not support the fighting in Ukraine.

Isinbayeva herself said that her rank of major is “purely nominal.”

“When I was just starting to master sports journalism, I don’t remember who I read: “When the audience is delighted, looking at a brilliant dancer, they absolutely do not need to know that under the ballet leotard the idol has torn underpants.”

The biggest, in my opinion, mistake in relation to Lena Isinbayeva is that we are trying to lump together the purely sports part of the issue and the post-sport part, so to speak: “She is an outstanding athlete, the national anthem was played in her honor so many times, which means …”

Yes, it doesn’t mean anything. At all. Isinbayeva is a unique, absolutely outstanding athlete, and I consider it one of the most unforgivable mistakes on the part of the IOC that Elena was not given the opportunity to compete at the Rio Games.

According to Isinbayeva’s technique (a low bow to Evgeny Vasilyevich Trofimov), training films can be made, and they will be relevant for many more years.

The number of records that Lena set in the pole vault, I think, will never be broken. In our lifetime, at least.

And here is the point. Full stop. Because everything that happened after the sport is not about Isinbayeva the athlete at all. And about a woman who is not too smart, not too educated, not too erudite, who … well, this is how her life turned out: at first there was no time for study and self-development, then, apparently, desires and a sense of necessity.

Self-esteem has remained from the old times – “I am the best, I can do anything”, all this is supported by the desire of many organizations and departments to make the once brilliant athlete the face of various initiatives, but in reality we have public statements about LGBT people, about the Constitution and now about nominal majorism.

Plus, the absolute inability to understand that life after sports is a completely different life, in which titles only aggravate all your mistakes. And that you continue to build this very life in the same way as you built your sports career. Unless, of course, you want the name to start working for you again.

And after all, the illustrations for this are a wagon and a small cart … ”Vaitsekhovskaya wrote.

Isinbayeva really lives in Spain? Her daughter plays tennis in the Canaries, and Elena makes excuses in two languages