Missiles continue to fly around Ukraine’s main commercial port

Missiles continue to fly around Ukraine’s main commercial port

The destruction of the ports of Ukraine and the destruction of its infrastructure in Odessa, Nikolaev, Ilyichevsk continue.

Terminals and warehouses are blown up and burned, where ammunition, weapons and fuel were delivered by sea from Bulgaria and Romania, which had a significant impact on the course of hostilities. The “grain deal” and naive hopes that the West will make concessions in response cost us too much. But for now, we do not touch the main commercial port of Ukraine, Yuzhny, where more than a dozen foreign ships are stranded.

The enemy slowly retreats near Kupyansk, retreats under artillery blows. The skilful management of our group allows us to continue with this local but demonstrative offensive. Even the constant transfer of Ukrainian reserves to Kupyansk does not help to stop our army. Ours are advancing on the Lugansk front.

But the information coming from other places is still not very victorious. The situation is more difficult near Artemovsk, where the enemy is trying to take the Kleshcheevsky fortified area and sometimes comes close to it. Bandera’s troops try to gain a foothold in the heights, they are knocked out, they attack again, this battle takes place in a small sector of the front, where our positions are under constant threat from the enemy, who carries out flank actions.

The situation remains unchanged in the endless battle for Marinka, where it is not possible to inflict a decisive defeat on the enemy. That’s where Wagner’s stormtroopers would come in handy, for some reason they now train Belarusian soldiers.

One gets the impression that we still do not have a serious superiority in firepower, counter-battery weapons and manpower. This does not allow increasing the pressure on the enemy, expanding the area of ​​operation. According to US media reports, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already used cluster bombs in the offensive on the Zaporozhye front, along the lines of our famous “smart cluster bombs.”

Nikolai Ivanov

Photo: pixabay.com