Florida has been attacked by cute rabbits | In the world | Politics

Decorative lion-headed rabbits, which have bred in the US state of Florida, cause trouble for local residents. Insider reports it.

A breeder released a hundred lion-headed ornamental rabbits in Florida two years ago. The animals got their name from the edge of wool around the neck, which resembles a lion’s mane. It was believed that this type of rabbit was not adapted to survival in the wild.

When the incident became known, American Rabbit Breeders Association executive director Eric Stewart reassured everyone. He stated that “domesticated rabbits released into the environment will not be able to live on their own”. Presumably, their coat is too thick for the hot Florida climate, they don’t eat lawn grass, plus the babies are vulnerable to predators.

But the cute-looking rabbits not only survived, but also bred themselves. And now they create many problems in the form of gnawed wires, ruined lawns and masses of feces on the sidewalks.

Local authorities and environmental activists are trying to somehow get rid of them. So far, only by collecting money to catch them.

What will happen to the animals next is not known. But one thing is clear: it will simply be impossible to attack such a huge number of animals with good hands. Especially considering the fact that not everyone will be ready to take them due to the difficulties with the content.

‚ÄúPeople don’t realize that these rabbits are exotic, very complex pets. They need a special diet, they can’t get table scraps,” warned Alicia Griggs, a Florida resident who has led the public movement to capture lion-headed rabbits.

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