Marta Chávarri, mother of Álvaro Falcó, has died at the age of 62

Unexpected and sad news this July 21. Marta Chávarri, one of the most popular faces of the 80s and 90s, He died this morning at his home in Madrid, located in the Barrio de Salamanca. It was her assistant who arrived at the home around 5 in the morning and found Marta. She quickly notified her family and the emergency services. whatever it was Marchioness of Cubas during her marriage to Fernando Falcó, she died before they arrived at her home and the doctors they couldn’t do anything. “It might be necessary that you have to perform an autopsy to determine the causes of his death”, publishes Pronto. At the moment, the causes of his death are unknown, although as reported by Paloma Barrientos in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’, everything indicates that he would have suffered a stroke, a disease from which his mother also died. For a few days, Chávarri had severe headaches.

Tragic news that comes at an unexpected time. Marta Chávarri became a grandmother last June, after his only son, Álvaro Falcó, welcomed little Philippa, the fruit of his marriage to Isabelle Junot. Precisely, one of her last public appearances was at her son’s wedding, in April 2022. At her son’s wedding, Marta was reunited with Philippe Junot, her in-law, who was one of her great youthful loves.

Álvaro Falcó and his wife, Isabelle Junot.


Marta Chávarri married Fernando Falcó, Marquis of Cubas, in 1982. As a result of their union, Álvaro Falcó was born, their only son and cousin of Tamara Falcó, with whom he maintains a close relationship. Everything suggests that Isabel Preysler’s daughter could interrupt her honeymoon with Íñigo Onieva to cover her cousin in these hard times.

marta chávarri and fernando falcó

Marta Chávarri and Fernando Falcó, in an image from 1982.

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Away from the media spotlight for many years now, Marta was on numerous front pages in the 1990s. Her marriage to Fernando Falcó ended after the publication of some photographs of Marta with Alberto Cortina, who was then married to Alicia Koplowitz. After their separations, Marta and Alberto married in 1991, although they divorced four years later. ANDn 2014, he made headlines again due to the domestic accident he suffered and disfigured his face. A slip that she gave in the bathroom of her house was so serious that an ambulance had to urgently transfer her from Madrid to the Fernández Vega Ophthalmological Institute in Oviedo, where she underwent emergency surgery on one eye by Dr. De la Vega. She also had to undergo surgery on her jaw.


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